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Lovely Ladies


After a recent turn of events (namely the sweet emails from some dear friends), I have decided to do a little post on the life and times of Kelly in England. A tribute, if you will. Sure, the information I write here might come out sounding scattered and incomplete, but it was a lovely time in my life and I thought we would all enjoy a trip back in time to get to know the lovely ladies that became my friends in Cheltenham, England!

First things first, I should tell you that none of these lassies are British. That might be disappointing for you, but I just didn't connect with any Brits while I was over there. The ones on my dorm floor were awfully rude (which in no way reflects the attitude of all English college students), and therefore I found myself being buddies with the Americans. Strength in numbers and all that. Ha. Second of all, for those of you who don't already know, I spent a semester abroad in the Spring of 2003. I studied at the University of Gloucestershire in the adorable town of Cheltenham. Cheltenham is a town in the Cotswolds of England, about 2 hours northwest of London, with a population of roughly 100,00 people. (If you click no other links, be sure to click on the 'cotswolds' link to see about one of the most charming areas of England.) I studied a little and traveled a lot, and still passed all my classes. And that's all the background information I have for you today. So let's begin our journey...

For starters, here's the lot of us at Stonehenge on a cold winter's day:
At the very bottom, with a cute squinting eye, we have Megan. Above her we have Libby on the left and Shauna on the right. And at back from left to right we have Amy, me, and Corin. Now for some close-ups, in no particular order:

Here we have miss Libby.
Libby lives in Indiana where she resides with her husband Greg. We got to meet him when he came out to visit, and he was a lovely fellow. In fact, I believe those flowers were a gift from him! How nice! Libby was a runner and would always accompany me on a run, even on a whim. We also had a special connection because we both had a proper adoration for american peanut butter. (For those of you who are unaware, English peanut butter is so detestable that it should not even be fed to wild hogs.) She shared her Peter Pan with me and the rest is history. Thanks, Lib!

Next we have Megan.
Megan is from the great state of Pennsylvania, where she works for Hershey foods. (To us Californians, that's so fun!) She and I lived right next door to each other in the dorms. I remember being on the phone with my mom the very first night we were in England, and all of a sudden a note was slipped under my door. This lovely gal wanted to say hello and that she hoped we would become friends. And nothing short of friends will we ever be! Thanks for your kindness, Meg! LOVE those red phone booths.

The lovely Shauna (she's the one on the left):
Shauna resides in Tennessee and is originally from Massachusetts, though no single state could ever contain her. She is a traveler at heart, a 'world resident' in my opinion. I remember having long talks with Shauna, over some jacket potatoes and heinz beans, about life and love and our Lord. I cherished her zest for life while we were in England and currently love reading about her adventures in residence directing and graduate education on her blog. Keep on blogging, Shauna!

Now for the fantastic Amy (far left):
Amy is also from Pennsylvania, and we're all jealous that she and Megan get to see each other periodically. I always loved hearing stories about Amy's nephews back in Pennsylvania, and she was always up for a stir-fry meal and a chat in the campus refectory. She is a thoughtful girl who never forgets a birthday, and she's currently working on her Master's in social work. Here's to Amy!

Last but not least is wonderful Corin:
Corin lives in Idaho with her hubby Emmet. Corin welcomed us into her dorm room every Thursday night for a dvd episode of Friends on her laptop. A little taste of home every week! And we ALWAYS clapped along with the intro. An interesting fact - Corin brought a pocket atlas with her to England, because she always wanted to know where places were. I thought this was so great! I had the privelege of attending her wedding in September '05, and she was a beautiful bride. Yay Corin!

-So here's a big SHOUT OUT to all of you ladies! I loved catching up with you recently!-

None of these brief explanations do them justice, but these lovely ladies were life-savers. I adore them all and love keeping in touch via email every few months. We recently decided that we should have some sort of reunion, but we have yet to decide when and where. So that leaves it up to you, reader - give us your best suggestions!

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane, as it were. I sure did! I leave you with a picture of Venus and I at the Louvre in Paris, France. Don't worry, although it is the real Venus de Milo, I edited the photo so that it would be appropriate for readers of all ages. Enjoy!

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    I love the post this week!!!! Sorry the Brits in your dorm were such snobs. You could be a snob to you? Hope you feel better! Kisses!

  1. Blogger Shauna said:

    this post brought much joy! :)

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