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5 Alive


Splendid! I would describe our day today as splendid. And lovely. This morning when we went to Starbucks for breakfast, we had our first KIND inter-statial encounter. Well, not our first, but certainly our nicest. The barista inquired as to where we were headed and then shared that it would be lovely this time of year, he hoped we had a great time, and that he was from California too. He was pleasant and our white mochas tasted better than ever. Thanks, Missoula Barista guy!

Our visit to Yellowstone was everything we had hoped for. We stopped leisurely wherever we saw something interesting, and enjoyed the scenic drive it afforded us. The highlights include seeing a herd of bison very close-up, and seeing a mother and three baby grizzly bears!


The grizzlies are small in the picture (on the grass) but they are BIG in real life!

After Yellowstone we drove right down through Grand Teton National Park, which was also gorgeous. One of the big attractions here (aside from more beautiful scenery) is a big lake which has the majestic Rocky Mountains for a backdrop. Once we got through that national park (aren't we blessed?) we arrived in Jackson, Wyoming - also known as Jackson Hole - where we are staying for the evening. What an adorable town! We forgot to get more pictures than the one below, so it will have to suffice:

The downtown is adorable and quite bustling, and we enjoyed dinner at Mountain High Pizza Pie. I've never had pizza that good. Special thanks to Pat and Kathy Mundy for suggesting such an idyllic location! We've fallen in love with little old Jackson Hole.

Tomorrow will be the start of the long journey home, pray for our safe travel. Today as we drove out of one national park and into another, I realized I had forgotten to thank our great God for creating such beauty for us to behold. So THANK YOU Lord!

Check out geno's blog for more anecdotes and pictures. And thank you to all of you who have been posting on our sites - we just LOVE seeing them every night when we get to the hotels! See you soon!

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    Hi Sweetie!
    I loved today's post! Why do those buffalo always look like they are shedding (molting?)? BEARS! YIKES! I bet they are well fed! I wish you could have seen some wolves. We sure miss you both. Hurry home, but be careful driving....no more pictures of rain! Love you! M

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