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Day 2


Wow, what a day. Let's see...we started our morning with a trip to the overlook at "the bridge" on the Snake River before leaving Twin Falls. It was beautiful!

Then, after heading back for the car (because some guy was changing his clothes right in front of us on the overlook! gross!), we hit the dusty trail on our way to Hamilton, Montana. And I must say that we encountered some interesting things on our journey. For example, did you know that the Craters of the Moon Monument and Preserve is in Idaho? You might be thinking "I didn't know a meteor landed in Idaho!" And you would be wondering correctly - there are no craters at Craters of the moon. In fact it's just a large area of volcanic rock. Geno and I were expecting more, well, craters. Craters and maybe some moon candy or astronaut food or something like that. But even without craters, it was a nice stop. Here's a highlight photo (notice that the rock piles are black and volcano-y, very unlike regular Idaho soil):

Other notable incidents include: passing a sign which let us know that we had officially reached the HALFWAY POINT between the North Pole and the Equator (i love America); traveling through the city where Sacajawea was born; and...

Yay! Now it's time for a cup of my new favorite tea, Tazo
Wild Sweet Orange. Then my beloved and I will watch the latest Man vs. Wild and *hopefully* have a wonderful slumber. The concert is tomorrow, should be a hoot!

For more of our Montana exploits (and a much more detailed one, at that) visit geno's blog.

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    Great post! You left out the tree hugging part! I am so glad you are having a fun time! Love you! M

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