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I'm not one for...


...fancy titles or anything. At least not for now. For now, I feel like I need to focus on getting started. And as for my initial musings, I choose dogs.

For quite some time now, gene and I have been absolutely DYING to have a puppy. And we would just get one - if it weren't for the constraints of our living situation. You see, most one-bedroom apartments have limits on the size and weight of pets, and ours is no exception. In fact, our current apartment requires that all pets weigh 20 pounds or less. And therein lies the problem: our desired pet is a Newfoundland dog. According to a number of dog breed information websites, adult Newfoundlands can be anywhere from 25-29 inches tall (at the shoulder), and can grow up to 100-150 pounds. Although the size of these well-tempered behemoths delights gene and I very much, it is a teense over the weight limit. (By the way, I've seen cats that are well over 20 pounds...come on. Maybe gene and I should devote all our spare time towards revolutionizing the pet policy at Windgate Apartments in Hanford. Or maybe we should just move.)

Despite our current inability to acquire such a massive dog, we continue to dream of owning this giant breed dog and imagine how happy our lives will be when we are finally able to have one. This effectively wards off any desire to be a "caretaker" (ergo, we're not having children anytime soon). We have even taken to calling said dog "Humphrey", since it seems to us to be a suitable name for such a massive yet majestic dog. Interestingly, we plan on getting a female dog, so this temporary name will probably be rendered useless. Oh well. Some things to note about Newfouldlands or Newfies, as they are affectionately called: they were originally used as water rescue dogs and, therefore, love to romp in the water; they have "webbed" paws which aid them in their watery excursions; they are notoriously sweet and gentle, and wonderful with little babies and children; and they LOVE to pull carts behind them and there are even competitions to this effect! Who wouldn't want one of these??

When we're feeling blue about not owning our own little pet, we sometimes visit gentle giants rescue. These wonderful people rescue hundreds of all types of giant breed dogs, welcome them into their own home, and then adopt them out to loving families! We can only hope to adopt a dog from them one day. You should visit them and see all the adorable puppies (and by puppies I mean dogs of all ages) that inhabit this haven.

(How could you not love that??)

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  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    Welcome to the world of blogging! Now I have something to blog about.....your new site! I like the title..."The Softer Side of Pensiero"....Love you! Mom

  1. Anonymous geno said:

    i LOVE you!

  1. Anonymous mary said:

    you will have it someday. glad to see you blogging now i have some else's to read! (i guess i should try it at some point!) love you!!!!!

  1. Blogger Christine said:

    Great job on the blog! The newfie is just too cute. You need to meet a Bernese Mountain Dog. Nothing beats a dog with eyebrows!

  1. Blogger A Case of The Mundys said:

    Yay! Welcome to the blogdom... Gentle Giants is one of my new favs!

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