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So it begins...


...i love ellipses. You know what else I love? Day 1 of the Montana trip with my darling husband!

In case you were previously unaware, geno and I are on our way to Hamilton, Montana so he can participate in an outreach that Calvary Chapel Bitterroot Valley is putting on. How exciting! So we packed up the car - with lots of snacks - and headed out. Today we visited two states other than our native California. And OH, how we love California. But so far we've had the chance to enjoy Nevada and Idaho! I can even prove it:

See? How fun is that?! We accidentally missed the "Welcome to Nevada" sign because it was out in the middle of nowhere. Well...now that I think of it, I guess that's not entirely true. When we passed the Idaho sign, geno was in the passenger seat and promptly got out the camera (for blogging purposes, of course). When we passed the Nevada sign, I was in the passenger seat and did nothing. It wasn't an intentional oversight, but it was an oversight nonetheless. Sorry honey! And sorry faithful blog readers. Idaho will have to suffice for today.

So, after a good 12.5 hours of driving, we arrived in Twin Falls, Idaho. There's a really cool river called the Snake River that actually has a golf course in it! We plan to take pictures on our way out in the morning and I'll post about it post-haste tomorrow. For now, it is close to bedtime - even closer than in California because we're now on Mountain Time. That's one hour ahead, for all you Pacific Time Zone loyalists (myself included).

See you tomorrow! (p.s. - check out my new haircut at the top! Thanks, Summer!)

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    Thanks for keeping us updated! Guess what? I went camping as a little gir at Snake River. Almost every summer from around age 10 to 16 we went camping with a friend of our family named "Woody". And several times we went to "Snakeless River". That's what he had to call is so we didn't get freaked out. That was where we cooked a fish like Bear in a pit over hot rocks. That is where I had to learn how to gut a fish. Hey...that bridge picture you sent....I would have had to turn around, just can't drive over bridges! Love you both! M

  1. Blogger Mary said:

    Cute hair!!!!! Hope you guys are having fun!!! Love you both!

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