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Recently, the ladies in the picture above (of which I am one) gathered together for one incredibly exciting and noble purpose: to play an alumni soccer game. 'Big deal' you say? Hardly. This was no ordinary alumni game - rather, it was the first ever women's soccer alumni game at Fresno Pacific University. 'Unprecedented' you say (with a very impressed tone of voice)? Absolutely.

Good old Coach Eric Farfan called me a while back and left me a voicemail, saying that we were to be having our inaugural game in the near future and would I able to make it. I'm thinking "great - gives me some time to warm up the old soccer legs. ...and heart and lungs and what not." But I was sorely mistaken (and that will be the first and last pun I ever use in blogdom). I then listened to the rest of his message, which said that the game would be in three weeks time. And THAT'S when I had serious second thoughts about such a mission. Are you kidding me? I mean, we would be playing the current FPU girls team. The team full of 18 year olds who train year round. The team that doesn't have any nursing mothers on it.

Which brings me to my next point - although the alumni may not have won the game, per se, we did have quite a moral victory. See, when members of our team have to ride the pine just to nourish their infant children before half-time (I kid you not), there should be a certain level of respect given. When other members of our team are playing with child (yes, pregnant), there is clearly a certain level of sacrifice that has been given. And I think the crowd knew that. Or at least I hope they did, because otherwise they may have been surprised to see little ones scurrying around our bench and nursing with their beautiful athletic mothers. So, what would have otherwise been a terribly demoralizing loss (approximately 12-0) turned into..well, a lot of fun.

Here's a look at me, valiantly stepping off the field for a break
(I was one of the non-nursing players)

And here's one of the entire team, new and old...
quite a turn out for a program that has only been around for 6 years!

Congratulations, ladies, on a job well done. Happily done. And by the way Audrey, we missed you! Looking forward to next year!

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  1. Blogger Shauna said:

    i am so glad you are blogging! i sure do miss chatting with you! lots of love my friend!

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