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Le Troisieme


For everyone else but me, that title means "third" in French. The third day of our road trip is now coming to a close, which means it's time for YOU to see a brand spanking new blog post! By the way, I spent a solid four years taking French in high school and, despite some of the more negative American sentiments toward the country, I adore the language. That explains that.

First things first, my adoring husband was amazing this evening! Tonight was the big Worship On The Green concert, for which we embarked on this entire journey. Calvary Chapel Bitterroot Valley barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers at a local park and invited the community to come out and enjoy a time of fellowship. It was great! Geno played worship songs, including many that he wrote, and we all listened intently for a good 75 minutes.

Look at my lovely!

So that was fantastic. Tomorrow morning he'll be leading worship at CCBV, which I am looking forward to very much. I'm ALWAYS blessed when I get to worship the Lord with gene, his passion for the Lord is so evident and he has a wonderful heart for ministry. What a great husband I have.

In other news, we are officially the victims of an inter-statial (get it?) hate crime. Interestingly, we discovered this morning that some loving person decided to key our (rental) car. KEY OUR CAR. Who does that? What kind of person does that? It boggles the mind. I can only hope it was a distraught three-year-old who was acting out because his mommy wouldn't let him play near the red-hot stove like he wanted to. Because seriously, that's how immature you have to be to key someone's car. And even then...well, you get the point. The picture is below - it's hard to spot because of the glare, but check out the huge circle on the middle of the hood, and just know that the damage extends farther down toward the grill.

The reason I call this an inter-statial crime is because the incident occurred either in Idaho or in Montana. I mean, everyone knows that bordering states are not always fans of Californians, and the fact that we are the only California plated car for miles does suggest a certain amount of prejudice in this situation. Don't you think? We certainly do. Why else would someone key a perfectly innocent minty green Subaru Outback? These are the questions we'll never know the answer to. FORTUNATELY, it's a rental! And EVEN BETTER, we got the insurance on it!! That means that when we get back to the rental location, we just turn in the keys and say hasta. Praise the Lord.

After the above-mentioned events, as well as a delicious breakfast at Perkins, a yummy scoop of huckleberry ice cream (!), and some down time with gene joseph, it's time to call it a night. More tomorrow, as per our original agreement. I leave you with the following pictures and an enticing tip to visit after tomorrow's post, because it promises a picture of my favorite Hamilton, Montana landmark: a 7 foot chicken. Yes.

I love feet. See you tomorrow!

  1. Anonymous Marti said:

    Thanks for sharing, Kelly!
    I'm faithfully following your exploits on your Montana Road Trip.
    Sorry about the key thing. I lose sleep over stuff like that wondering about personalities and motives. But I concur... Good thing it's a rental!
    Have a happy trip!

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    I wonder if the guy who keyed your car got my check? Now that you are victims I am sure you won't want to move there! Love you and miss you! M

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