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Day the 4th


Welcome back! How lovely to see you again. As I promised yesterday, the picture above is of a very large chicken that is on the main street of Hamilton here in Montana. To give you some perspective, the top of my head only reaches to the bottom of the chicken's waddle (the red thing hanging down from his beak). It's unreal! What a landmark.

Today we had a pretty leisurely day. We got up and went to church, where geno led worship for both services. (No pictures, it would've been akward.) Then we grabbed some lunch and headed back to the room for a nap. After a few good episodes of 'Little People, Big World', we went to the local hot spot, Lake Como, for a hike.

Lake Como is a man-made lake that is used for irrigation, etc. in this area. There were lots of Montanans hanging out on the small beach-ish shore, which is probably because it's the closest thing they have to a beach for miles! I would be there too. We had a nice hike and then started back to the hotel.

After a last dinner meal with Dale and Donna, the pastor of BVCC and his wife, we went to the local Safeway for some ice cream to take back to the hotel room. While we were there, the check-out girl tried to get us to sign up for a Safeway discount thing and we told her we lived far away, so we wouldn't be interested. (We were being very nice.) Then she asked what supermarkets we have around us, to which we answered "save-mart and vons". She replied that our vons card would work, and then commented that we were probably from California. We smiled and said "yeah, but don't tell anyone, we already got our car keyed" in a joking manner. And then she just looked at us and said "yeah". "Yeah" - like we deserved it or something. Like it's a crime to live in the greatest state in the US. It sure is a good thing we're not moving here permanently, because those few weeks that it would take us to get new plates would be brutal! Gene and I are just loving the endless conversation that these inter-statial events have been giving us.

Tomorrow we begin our trip home via Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and Jackson, Wyoming. We're looking forward to a beautiful drive and some pleasant stops and sights. We'll keep you posted! Once again, check out geno's blog for extra info. on our trip.

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    That chicken is so HOT! Now...if you could come home through the San Bernardino area....(I know that is not the way)...but there is a huge dinosaur there....Isn't there a big orange up at Three Rivers? I guess we all have our weirdnesses. Too bad Montana folks don't know they are just like us! Love you! Have a great time in Yellowstone....(I don't think there are any yellow stones)

  1. Blogger Paul Davison said:

    Don't you know the 52nd ammendment?

    "We the people therefore declare that a state large enough to overthrow the union, be the 7th largest economy in the world, have all the good looking people and everything known to man, and that is governed by an austrian bodybuilder/moviestar/man of men shall have their resident's mode of transportation (cars, bikes, horses, legs) mercilessly keyed until the original design of the exterior of that transportation is ruined beyond minor repair."

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