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...what to blog about... It's a hard decision. Would it be the horrible night of sleep I had, thanks to the ever-restless dog, Momo? Probably not, because then I'd feel bad for talking about her that way. Would it be the new Bare Escentuals I recently received from my mother-in-law? Maybe, but it might only fuel my fire to buy more and more! Would it be a commentary on Katie's informative and disturbing post on fast food? Perhaps another day.

Today, I'll just share a little clip with you. Cecilia and I recently learned a really fun game where she sits on my foot and I bounce her up and down with my leg. It's extra fun for her, extra tiring for me. But every time, she backs away from my foot, then parks on it for another ride. We LOVE it and she squeals with delight every time! What could be better?

  1. Anonymous Marti said:

    "Why are you walking funny, Aunt Kelly?"
    "Never mind, CJ. Never mind."

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