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(7) Wonder(s) of Wonders


Remember a while ago when I posted about the New 7 Wonders campaign? In case you never read that post, there was a campaign to designate seven new 'wonders of the world' to replace the all but destroyed old seven wonders. And everyone in the world was allowed to vote online, via telephone, etc. Well, the results are in and the new wonders have been named! Here they are, in no particular order:

The Taj Mahal, India

The Roman Colloseum, Italy

Petra, Jordan

Macchu Picchu

The Great Wall, China

Christ Redeemer, Brazil

Chichen Itza, Mexico

I should also mention that the only remaining wonder of the old seven wonders is the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt, and that particular wonder is still very much alive and kicking (figuratively speaking, of course). So it counts in this list as well.

Now, the thing I was excited about was that some of my own personal picks won! I voted for The Colloseum, The Great Wall, The Taj Mahal, and Petra. 4 out of 7 isn't bad! And even though I didn't vote for Macchu Picchu, I have visited Peru and felt a special connection there. So I didn't mind. Also I thought it was nice that the gigantic Jesus statue made it in the mix...I wonder what Jesus thinks about that. Hopefully He doesn't mind. I suspect He's very gracious about the whole matter.

Amid all my excitement and wonder (if I may use that word again) about this little contest, I was completely oblivious to the fact that some people weren't happy about it at all. SOME people have been naysaying! Read this and find out who they are and what they think. To those people I say, in as nice a way as I can, get a life. Can't we just have a little fun? I know I did.

Be sure to check back soon, as I'm going to be posting on a new campaign for the Natural 7 Wonders of the world (these were all man-made, as you can see). Until then, I leave you with a picture of yours truly at one of the recently named NEW SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD:

How monumental!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Mrs. Kelly Pensiero!
    I believe I just may have taken that picture of beautiful you in front of the Colleseum in good 'ol Roma. "We're in Rome, where the pasta is beautiful." (except for your gnocchi incident - remember that!??).

    Do you also remember Hostel Beautiful (I think it was called!)?? That place was fun ;) But, let's not forget our first (AND most luxurious might i add) night's stay in Italy, in which we were sooo scared together in "Venice", ... huddled together in that run-down hostel while you read us Bible verses for comfort. Oh Italy... :)

    I love you, Kelly! It was SO great to see this picture of you on your blog. It brought a huge smile on my face because I was there with you!!!!!!!!! MEMORIES!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    I wonder if Petra was were J.R.R. Tolkein got his idea for Gondor? I never thought of it before looking at the picture you posted! Thanks for updating us on the results! Kisses! M

  1. Anonymous geno said:

    i expect a post today dear.

    i love you.

  1. Blogger Shauna said:

    i am with Megan!! oh the memories that flooded my mind when i saw that picture!

    wow, it has just been tooooo long. can we have a reunion sometime soon?

    loves loves loves!

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