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The End of One Beginning


Well, the time has come to bring an end to all the wonders of our Montana trip. But fear not! This is merely the beginning...of...more frequent blog posts...increased enjoyment of where I live...all sorts of things really. Isn't it funny how vacations are over so quickly?

This post is late in coming, I admit, but it is here. After waking up in what proved to be a spectacular town - Jackson Hole, Wyoming - geno and I set out for a cup of coffee to kick off a long day of traveling. The night before, we had spotted a little place called Jackson Hole Roasters and made plans to stop by in the morning. No disappointment here!! What a delightful place! After grabbing a delicious cup of coffee and the most delectable peach/blackberry muffin of all time, the roasters offered to share various samples of coffee with us. They were experimenting with roast times, methods and beans and asked our opinions. And geno was sooo smart! He used big coffee words like "acidic" and "full-bodied" and "chocolatey" and we sounded decently intelligent. We only wished gene's dad, a true connoisseur, was with us to experience it.

After we got our caffeine squared away, we set out for the ride home. We gave THREE CHEERS for Wyoming for being a kindler, gentler state toward Californians, then drove through a beautiful part of the Greater Yellowstone Area. We enjoyed seeing a deer and some more pretty scenery. Until we got to Idaho. When we got to Idaho we just buckled down and prepared for the many hours it would take us to get to Reno, Nevada for our overnight stopover. But, interestingly, we decided we had the fortitude to continue on home instead of stopping, so on we went! (Hence the late post - we didn't have any internet connection until we actually arrived back in Hanford, which was into the wee hours of the morning.) We hit Starbucks hard and made it happen.

And here we are! I adored this lovely trip and all it's many facets, especially the priceless time I got to spend with the most fascinating, loving husband of all time. Plus, it gave us a chance to flaunt our blogging skills and increase our google analytics data. Special thanks to Pam for all the thoughtful and regular comments she left for us along the way! And super honorable mention to Mary for doing the same! Who knows what kind of a post awaits you from here on out...you'll just have to wait and see. For now, geno and I are resting assured of the Lord's calling in our lives here in Hanford. How nice to be home.

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    We are so glad you are home! I missed you both so much! I wouldn't call it a vacation since you were mostly working and driving. Hanford was not the same with you gone! Welcome home! Love you! M

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