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Drumroll Please...


I am writing this post SOLELY to pass along some very fun news to you...

Katie, a wonderful friend of mine and long-time college roommate, has recently started her very own blog!! How much more exciting does it get? Not very. So I would like to encourage you to support her in her blogging ventures. Click here to stop by. In case you'd like to put a face with the name...

Here we are at our college graduation.

I believe this was taken after one of my soccer games our senior year.
Katie was always a great supporter!

Who knows what this picture is all about, but it looks like we're having fun!

Ah yes, the time we broke someone's glass and didn't want to fess up, so we took a secretive picture of it instead. Can't even remember who it belonged to...silly college freshmen.

Here are some interesting facts about Katie:
-She is a home decorating/style guru! She should have her own interior design business.
-She is passionate about restorative justice.
-She was freshman class senator in at FPU.
-She is currently an elementary school teacher.
-She is a wonderful friend and lovely to talk to!

And that's that! In case you missed the links earlier, click here to visit her site, or click on "Katie's Site" on the right side of my blog. It is quickly shaping up to be one of my new favorites! Yay Katie!

  1. Blogger Katie said:

    Thanks for the support and the wonderful tribute. I'm still figuring things out with blogger, like what's the best way to post pictures? Once I get them into my post I have a heck of a time moving them around. Is there a trick to this?

  1. Anonymous geno said:

    i love you honey!

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