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At long last, I bring you the tales of our adventures in babysitting. Yes, I found a way to say 'adventures in babysitting' in my blog. Anyway, as many of you know, gene and I got a chance to keep our niece, Cecilia, on an overnight adventure last week. It's not like we've never babysat a child before, but never ever ever have we kept one overnight. What horrors would await us??

It turns out that Cecilia is a fun and fairly relaxed 18 month old. Nary a tantrum was thrown and, except for a 1:00 am crying session (not really her fault, she was scared), she was absolutely delightful. We played games, watched Little Einsteins, and even traveled to Hanford's newest park. It's not your ordinary neighborhood park. THIS park has one of those built-in water fountains that kids can run through as the water shoots out of little holes in ground. It was great! Gene put together a little montage for us, which I think turned out very nice...

If that weren't enough for you, let me just tell you about one last thing. My proudest moment came when Cecilia wandered into our bedroom. She looked around at the various stuffed animals in and around her playpen, surveyed the room, and decided upon the one item she wanted to play with - a real, live soccer ball. That's right folks - my niece chose a soccer ball above the regular toys. And on top of that, she already has a blow-up beach ball painted like a soccer ball, which is one of her favorites. I couldn't resist documenting such an important discovery in her life:

It was a great success all around. But don't look for any little Pensieros running around any sooner than before...all in good time. We have big plans to catch up on our sleep first. Check out geno's blog for other great clips from our adventures! (His blog is currently uploading to a new server, so if it's down, check back periodically.)

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    Great job on the movies! I don't know if it is a fair assessment, as I didn't see a soft ball choice....

  1. Anonymous Christine said:

    How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    that is the cutiest thing i have seen in a long time! i'm glad you guys had such a good time.

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