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Shoulda Woulda Coulda


I was about to blog about the virtuous and jocular (if not ridiculous) newsletters we receive semi-monthly at our apartment complex, but then I remembered that our scanner is broken.

So then I thought I would just blog about some recent student artwork, but then I remembered that our scanner is broken.

THEN I realized that I would have to come up with something original to blog about which, at the moment, seems impossible. For no reason, really, other than I've been forgetting about blogging almost entirely recently. You've noticed. But first let's get down to something that's been bugging me - why is our scanner broken?

The sad little piece is less than a year old, is a major national brand and has never been through any distressing situations. It merely sits on our desk, waiting to be used. Why oh why, then, would it be subject to such a terrible fate so early in it's quasi-promising career? The printer's not broken. The buttons aren't broken. But the scanner - the scanner is in utter disrepair. I just loathe buying replacements for things that ought not be broken.

It's times like these that I just want to smash it up ala those guys on those shows who destroy things for no reason. I won't, because the printer still works like a champ, and that would just be really wasteful. But once the printer gives up the ghost I won't be making any such promises...

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