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Thanks, Capri Blue!


I first discovered this beauty on a trip to Anthropologie with my darling husband some months ago. Then I rediscovered it on a recent trip to the same store with my dear college roommate, Katie, and her sister, Denise. Both times I stopped myself from purchasing it (mostly because of the price) and vowed that I would acquire it at a later date. That date, my friends, was Christmas Eve! Thanks to my thoughtful mother-in-law, I am now the proud owner of a Capri Blue Red Jar volcano candle. Oh and it smells absolutely delightful! For the next non-consecutive 140+ hours, our apartment will be divinely scented. Just wanted you to know. Thanks, Pam!

  1. Blogger Katie said:

    Too bad you can't send certain scents via email...that candle was divine!

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    You're worth so much more! Love you! M or P

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