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Passing fancies


Some of you may be privy to the fact that I once dreamed of becoming a paleontologist. In second grade. I don't know why, but I was utterly fascinated with dinosaurs. So enchanted was I that my parents took me multiple times to see a temporary dinosaur exhibit that was visiting the Fresno Metropolitan Museum at the time (which I'm sure was no cake-walk in terms of time or money - thanks mom and dad!). I believe I walked around and around the exhibit, sharing the wealth of knowledge that I had managed to discover in class and books and encyclopedias (internet? huh?) with whomever would lend me their ears. I'm sure I was never obnoxious about it.

Although my days of wanting to unearth fossils are over (all it took was the realization that I'd have to spend most of my life in dusty deserts with a paintbrush and probably no family), I still occasionally like to read about them. Today I came across this, which just fascinated me! It's about a dinosaur fossil that was discovered in North Dakota in 1999, which had been "mummified", or preserved to a remarkable degree. In fact, Dakota (that's it's name) even has in-tact tissues, scales and a skin envelope, which have allowed researchers to make a much more accurate description of what this particular dinosaur looked like, etc. Check it out! Also, for those of you who are so inclined, the Discovery Channel is airing a special called "Dino Autopsy" on December 9th at 10:00 PM which will highlight the findings. Count me in!

It should be noted that I do not endorse, nor do I believe in, the theory of evolution or the "old-earth" theory. I fully believe in the Bible's creation account, and I believe it was a literal seven day creation. But I also believe that God created dinosaurs and I think they're swell. (...just a lot younger than many scientists claim they are.)

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