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What has been lost...


...can usually be found. I think. Or at least I hope, because I've lost my voice. Yep. At this point in my life's history I can hardly string two raspy, hoarse words together before they move themselves into whisperings. I don't mourn the loss, but it is weird. And kind of fun. When I was a kid I used to WISH that I would get laryngitis and go to school and be the center of attention all because my voice had magically disappeared. What a spectacle that would be! (You used to wish it would happen to you too, don't lie.) SO on Thursday, when my voice got a little tiny bit distorted due to what I now know is my second sinus infection in just as many months, I confess I got a little bit excited. I had never seen this odd wish of mine fulfilled and maybe I would lose my voice this time and be the talk of the elementary school, she thought. Well...you get the picture. As it turns out I did get that wish, and I was the talk of the elementary school - as long as you count a 6-year-old asking "why do you sound like a mouse today, Mrs. P?" as 'talk'. I sure do. Another precious first grader told me that he hoped I would feel better after drinking some water and taking a pill, as that usually works for all his maladies. Interesting on many levels. Beyond that, I had third graders who gave me their mom's home remedies for sore throats: water, coffee, tea, special tea with honey, and chihuahuas. Yes, someone actually recommended 'chihuahua' as a remedy as he pointed to his throat. I said "the dog?" and he said "yeah". The kids at my school are just...precious.

After heading home, barely being able to squeak out a hello and I love you to my dear husband (who has been lovingly taking care of me, lo, these many days (he cleaned the ENTIRE apartment while I was at work on Friday. BEAUTIFUL. I almost cried, it was so nice of him and soooo spectacularly clean) thanks honey!), we headed to the doctor where I desperately tried to audibly describe my symptoms with a voice box that just wouldn't cooperate. Luckily gene was with me to fill in the gaps or I might still be there, struggling to communicate. With a round of antibiotics and orders not to talk, life goes on. We'll see how I do with the not talking part...so far not so good. But funny.

I was going to leave you with a picture of a real larynx, inflamed and everything, but it only took 5 seconds on a google image search for 'laryngitis' to dissuade me from doing so. It was gross and unseemly. Just trust me.

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