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I wonder what sport she'll play when she grows up??


I mean, after seeing these pictures, is there any question?? Snuggling a soccer ball. And no, we didn't pose these shots. Her Auntie Kelly and Unkie Gene couldn't be any more proud! I wonder what she'll be getting for Christmas from us...

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    Why the number "6"? And I think there is some brain washing going on!

  1. Blogger kelly said:

    I only put the number "6" because that was my number in college...it was just the first one I thought of.

    And no brainwashing!! She does all of it of her own accord. We hardly even encourage it, she just does it! I can't help it if she knows what she wants :)

  1. Blogger Mary said:

    So you talk about me. New post please. Its been what 12 days! ;)

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