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Come on guys...


Having found this article on the google home page, I am THOROUGHLY grossed out. It's one thing to choose not to wash your hands in your own home, but at a baseball stadium??? You boys need to get your head in the game.

Like many teachers and school workers, I have recently elevated this practice (hand washing, purell-ing, etc.) to a bona fide addiction. I see, talk with, and sit in very close proximity to over 65 elementary school students each day. 65. The germ count is off the charts; I'm already battling a nasty sinus infection to prove it! So scrub-a-dub-dub, fair blog readers. Otherwise, THIS will start a colony in your body.

My only question is, who started The Soap and Detergent Association? Did you catch that in the article? I love America. Happy sudsing.

  1. Blogger Casey said:

    i realize the great importance of washing after bathroom trips...but other than that, i purposely avoid washing my hands...i've built up immunities to nearly every type of disease...bring it on germs.


    ps. after i have a baby...i'll be showering with rubbing alcohol.

  1. Blogger kelly said:

    casey - fair enough. I, too, am an advocate of building up germ tolerance. Or rather WAS until I started getting snotted on by 65 kids a day. Good luck in your endeavors.

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