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Fame is a bee


Working as a substitute teacher for a year gave me the opportunity to do many things. I met hundreds of students of all ages, I taught things that I had long since forgotten, and I read many stories to a variety of attentive faces. But there was one thing that was more gratifying than all of those combined: being the recipient of a student's finest writing or artwork. This post will begin a series of posts dedicated to kid-work that I've received just by being in classrooms. The first is a poem written by an elementary school student, which I find to be most appropriate.

What do you think about that?? I think it's A-OK. This child could grow up to become the next Dickinson or Frost, which would make this poem a priceless artifact! Won't you be glad to know me then. For now, I'm just glad to have something to blog about.

  1. Blogger Katie said:

    I agree with the poete...that is just too cute. Kids notes are the best ever! They always really mean what they say, they have no concept of embellishment or flattery.

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