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Yesterday I had an itch to 'get out of town', as they say. I love the sweet town of Hanford, but the lure of going on an adventure with my sweet husband was quite great. Fortunately, my parents and two of my siblings were already at the coast and we would be able to meet up with them there if we chose to point our adventure in that direction. So we did!

We left at 2:40 in order to arrive in Morro Bay by 5:00. Here we are on our way.

And you can't beat the drive on the 41 south...where else but in nowhere California can you see rolling yellow hills of dead grass and dirt and fences?

But not even that would deter the wee pensieros (as opposed to my in-laws...I have to make a distinction somehow) from living in the greatest state in the union. Yes, the greatest. I have no problem with saying that, we all have opinions. Back to the post!

We made it to cool, breezy, overcast Morro Bay by 5:04 (no speeding!) to meet my family at the Outrigger for some fish and chips. Somehow I completely forgot to capture that on digital film. But my battered and fried shrimp were delicious and gene's battered and fried chicken were great. After dinner my family headed to a Church of Christ event and gene and I headed to...the water! Where else?? First I will show you some pictures...

a handsome husband

a tiny bird picking around in some seaweed

would you believe that I actually did my hair before we went on our trip?

And now a priceless video of my beloved doing what he does best:

We ended our trip by heading to SLO for some dessert at The Apple Farm. I had their famous Apple Dumpling (soooooooooo good) and geno had a piece of chocolate mousse pie, which had exceptionally good whipped cream on top. We both had some coffee for our late night adventure back to Hanford. We love the Apple Farm!

Few things are better than heading out for some drive time and face time with the one I love the most. Geno is always a good conversationalist, a safe driver, an exciting fellow adventurer and an amazing husband. Thanks for the adventure, honey! Check out his blog soon for a new post on his "Now That's Dedication" section. It's sure to be a hit.

  1. Blogger Shauna said:

    i love it! :)

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    Thank heavens you didn't go into the water! I have been watching SHARK WEEK......

    Loved the post and the video! I also blogged about our town.... :D

    Love you!

  1. Blogger Katie said:

    Kelly- Do you remember the time we went to Apple Farm on a whim? What a bizarre trip that was! We can recount details of that trip together later, but the memories that are conjured are really from another time in our lives...

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