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wiggly woggly


I know, I know, I've been a deadbeat blogger lately. I would say I'm sorry, but is that really necessary? I've just been busy is all. The truth is I've had many blog ideas rolling around in my blogging brain, but getting them into ye old computer form just hasn't happened. Funny, really.

But THIS has brought me back: gene and I had some face time with an adorable little puppy tonight! So cute was she that she has earned a quick blog rundown. Gene and I try to go walking a couple of nights every week, and tonight was one of those nights. Along our way, and out of the blue, we heard a little whimper and a tiny bit of a squeaking noise. We turn and look, finding nothing until we look down and see (something like) this:

But our puppy was (1) cuter, (2) younger, and (3) less white/more brown. Maybe more similar to this:

Yes, decidedly. Only ours wasn't sleeping. Anyway. She ran up to us, whimpered in the sweetest of puppy noises, and asked to be petted. We told her we couldn't pet her without her parents' permission, and by the way what were they thinking when they let her stay out in the front yard so late? So we did what any 'good citizens' would do and took her to the door. We knocked. We rang. We knocked and rang again. We walked to the other door (yep, there was another front door) and knocked and rang. Nothing. We asked across-the-street neighbor if this puppy did, in fact, belong to this house. Affirmative. But the parents were also deadbeat parents, because they weren't home and puppy was lost. She was too small to be wandering about, and every time we (reluctantly) tried to walk away, she followed us with fervor. Neighbor expressed some displeasure as to how the dog had apparently been out all day, and we became concerned. Not wanting our sweetheart to be harmed as she ran around the darkened street, we did what any dog-loving people would do...we put her in her backyard. We didn't want to, it's weird to open other people's fences. Neighbor had suggested it, as that's "where the dog stayed during the day", and we tried knocking and ringing again before we made the leap. In the end, we had no choice. The little wiggle puppy was just unsafe in the front yard. We did what we had to do.

But oh, how much more could we want a puppy??!?! We love puppies. Real wiggly woggly ones. We're coming, newfie!

  1. Anonymous your huband said:

    where's OUR puppy?!?!

    i like our walks.

  1. Blogger Casey said:

    hopefully it wasn't the first dog...that one looked like it might eat you...

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    I always want to rescue stranded animals but Gene is always reluctant. I remember once we rescued 2 pure bread dalmatians (they ended up living around the block). I was very worried about them because it was obvious they were someone's pets. Anyway, when we finally got to the owner they came and said....Oh, they got out? They would have just come home.....no thank you, no nothing. I don't know why people aren't more appreciative when their pets are found or when having a puppy for that matter. You guys did a good thing! And last night on our walk the wacko gal was there with the boxer. It was dark and so we didn't see the dog. (it is dark too) It charged the fence and almost gave me a heart attack. Then she comes over and says "he likes to charge the fence". I was reserved and didn't say anything, but wanted to say..."it is a school and your dog should not be running uncontrolled in it!" Thank God there was a fence.

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