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A few nights ago, following a lovely evening with my husband, I decided we should have a bedtime story. 'Juvenile', you say? 'Pish posh', says I. As I walked over to our bookcase to find an appropriate work, suitable for bedtime relaxation and enjoyment, I discovered a book that I nearly forgot we had...

A favorite of mine when I was a wee lass, I believe I won this copy in some sort of elementary scholastic (no relation to the publisher) competition. Who can remember.

What I CAN remember is how I thought the book was very funny and my emotional tie to this page, in particular:

You see, when I was younger I was quite the songstress. By that I mean that I could usually be found humming a tune, and by that I mean belting out any song in my head for the whole world to hear. (Truth be told, I once sang "Phantom of the Opera" performance-style for my fifth grade teacher after school...you know the part where Christine is just singing "Ah-ahahahah-ahah-ahah-AH" in increasingly high octaves until she reaches that very last note that is light years above the staff? That's the one. Boy I really had something back then. Humorous at best, embarrassing at worst.) Anyway. When I was in Mr. Foster's first grade class I recall getting in my mom's car after school and humbly reporting that I had to get my name on the board that day (a punishment reserved for only the most maleficent of rule-violators). When she asked what I had done to deserve such a sentence, I confessed that I had been found singing during class. When she cocked her head in confusion, I continued: "...during silent sustained reading". What a laugh she must have stifled. I only know she must have stifled it because when we got to the dinner table that evening she calmly looked at my dad and said "Kelly got her name written on the board this morning in class. (turning to look at me:) Kelly, tell your dad what happened." And as I sheepishly announced my offense - dad was the harder spanker of the two - my dad had to turn his head for a few seconds, have a laugh to himself, and then turn back all straight-faced and tell me that I should be silent during silent sustained reading, just as the activity title suggested. But I knew that I wasn't in big trouble this time. What a relief.

At least Alexander had been found singing too loudly during singing time.

What's your favorite children's book?

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    And you still sing so lovely! I loved the post! I use to sing loudly too....my mom use to say she could hear me above everyone else in the choir.....Love you!

  1. Anonymous mr. pensiero said:

    hmm...i'm going to go with...The Monster At The End Of This Book...or maybe Treasure Island.

    i love you!

  1. Blogger Casey said:

    one of my favorite books, kelly.

    also, i loved "mike mulligan and his steam shovel"

  1. Blogger Katie said:

    Loved the post...I can totally imagine you singing. It makes me laught just thinking about it.

    My current favorite children's book is of course, the Olivia series. But, obscure as it is, my favorite book as a child was called "A Big Ball of String". Basic premise: A young boy gets sick and comes up with inventive ways to use his ball of string to accomplish things within the walls of his room while he is confined there. Not sure why it appealed to me, I just found the boy's ideas extremely clever. Thanks for another great post.

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