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Disneyland...in pictures


the view from our room (thanks pam!)

testing the bed (standard prodecure)

geno and the matterhorn

the best salad i have ever eaten in my life
....so good i ate it twice...

the new nemo ride!

geno's artful photography


my photography (less artful, higher handsome quotient)

our beloved stone!

what, you say?
this picture isn't from disneyland?
that's right! it's the newest addition to our extended family!
hello audrey! congrats cathy and jon!

  1. Blogger Katie said:

    The Pensieros and Disneyland...all is right with the world. I love the pictures, although I was surprised that I didn't see a mint julip (sp?).

  1. Blogger kelly said:

    Yes, I am currently in mourning for the fact that I didn't have a mint julep this time around (hence the lack of pictures). They are doing some major construction around the New Orleans Square area and it was so crowded and difficult to get through, we had to forsake the tradition. But just this one time, of course - it will never happen again! Katie, you know me so well!

  1. Blogger Casey said:

    Kelly, I tried a mint julep last time we were at Disneyland and I almost lost it...I have to tell you, I'd rather just drink some 7-up and toothpaste.

  1. Blogger kelly said:

    Casey, I felt the very same way after my first mint julep! But out of sheer determination to figure out why anyone would drink them, I grew to love them. And now I simply can't live without them. Maybe if you keep trying you might be able to know the joy of a mint julep. And if not, that's alright too.

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