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We here at the Pensiero household love our breakfast. And by 'we', I mean me, and by 'love our breakfast', I mean my lovable husband (who is usually un-hungry for many hours in the mornings) indulges my affinity for this first meal of the day practically every weekend. (Thanks geno!) That's not to say that Saturday breakfast is always grand. But a raspberry scone here, some pumpkin muffins there, or some buttermilk pancakes from scratch will certainly satisfy my cravings.

But there are days when my own attempts in the kitchen will not suffice. And on those days, we go to Valhalla's. A delightful danish restaurant in Visalia, Valhalla's has the one thing that I must have, which nobody else has: aebleskivers. Aebleskivers...what a beautiful sound...hear it dancing in your ears...beautiful spherical pancakes which entice even the most staunch of pancake resisters. MMMM.

And now to the point - what should I find under the tree this Christmas, but my own brand-spanking-new aebleskiver pan!! My thoughtful beloved strikes again. So the day after I got it (which was December 21st - long story), I whipped that puppy out and started a batch. But my confident hopes were dashed as each aebleskiver turned into a lumpy rendition of what it was originally intended to be. But not this weekend! Not this weekend.

This weekend we were triumphant! Thanks to an invaluable tip from my mother, who once watched the owner of Valhalla's make the darling things (quarter turns, quarter turns!), we made much headway. Just look at that beauty (below)! That was my best aebleskiver. I only hope to improve as the Saturdays go by.

Let the delicious weekends continue!

  1. Blogger Katie said:

    I have to agree with your affinity for the 'skivers. My mom is 1/4 Danish and she has one of those wonderful special pans. She only made them a few times but when she did, it was a real treat.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Yum! Sarah got one of those for Easter this last year! Throw in some lingonberry jam and you're in Danish heaven... err... Valhalla...

  1. Anonymous allie said:

    I love it! My mom's family makes aebleskivers every Christmas and the past couple of years I have made my way onto the stove duty. So fun :)

  1. Anonymous your husband said:

    you are a culinary master my dear wife.

    i love you!

  1. Blogger kelly said:

    So, for those of you who have had previous experience with making aebleskivers: do you have any helpful tips? We're still on the road to perfection over here.

    I'm so glad to see so many people who love the darlings!

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    When do we get to sample them?????

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    those things are creepy looking. umm..... guess you have to have tried them.

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