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Wordy Delight


We were privileged to have our friends Luke and Sarah over for dinner this weekend and they brought us this present (thanks, guys!). The pentagonal box had me at hello, but when I found out what it was all about I nearly soiled myself.

Sentences. Sweet, delicious words all melanged together to express a thought. Could there be anything more plumpening to both the intellectual and the comical parts of my mind grapes than a game about sentences? I think not.

Basically, everyone has to choose 10 cards at a time and you create sentences from the words that are printed thereon. For example, a card (also pentagonal in shape) may have five different tenses of the word "dig". Or five different names. Or even five different connecting phrases ("before the", "off of the", "around the"). And you do your best. And it's FUNNY because if your sentence is stupid or grammatically incorrect, the other players can vote to veto it and then you don't get any points for that round. I love creating sentences, I love justifying my decisions and I LOVE taking points away from other players.

What an excellent find! Cheers to the Mundys.

  1. Anonymous your husband said:

    great post dearie. a lemony post if i do say so myself.


    lemony words.

  1. Blogger Katie said:

    John and I NEED that game! We love words and sentences are even better. Thanks for the post. I think I know what I will be getting John for his birthday now...

  1. Anonymous Luke said:

    What a fun game... and a THOUGHTFUL gift!

    I'm eating leftover Arroz Con Pollo for lunch today!

  1. Blogger Pam Pensiero said:

    Fun post and game! Love you! M

  1. Anonymous geno said:

    13 days since a post...i miss my wife's posts.

  1. Anonymous Marti said:

    Cute post. Did you serve them arroz con pollo, too?
    What a great friend you are!

  1. Blogger kelly said:

    Marti -

    As a matter of fact I DID serve them your arroz con pollo! It was a hit, as I'm sure you're keenly aware. (Thanks for the recipe, via Pam!)

  1. Blogger Eric and Lori Riley said:

    Kelly this game looks fantastic. And I can't help but think I will love this game simply because the cards are shaped just like Catan cards. Speaking of which we miss playing with you guys!

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