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The unveiling


Well, the best birthday week of all time has come and gone. I would spend some time cataloging all the nifty, thoughtful things I received over the course of seven days (and let me tell you, it has been really tough to hold back, there was some reeeeallly cool stuff) but I'm pretty sure that's not really exciting for anyone but yours truly. Buuuut I WILL tell you about one of the most creative presents I received: my own domain name!


(Thanks, honey!) You need to know about this present because henceforth you will need to visit me over there because I will no longer be posting over here. My darling husband has done lots of work to get my blog up and running over there and I think you'll all be pleased with how it turned out. I know I am! And I even have hopes that it will get me more into the spirit of blogging.

So go ahead and visit me and, while you're at it, go ahead and change my feed address in your reader. Hooray!

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